You just completed a mission trip, saw God use your life but you sense the need for more mission exposure. What’s next? The Internship Program provides the opportunity to spend an extended time in Costa Rica getting to know the people and be immersed in the culture.

If you are preparing for ministry or wanting a closer walk with God, this program is for you!


You will have opportunities to be involved in local churches such as…

  • Children’s Programs
  • Youth Programs
  • Sunday School (teaching or assisting)
  • Worship (Playing a musical instrument or singing)

You will help with the ongoing ministries of a local church in some capacity. Possibly you may be asked to start a new ministry in the church you are serving.


CiM is working with an established orphanage in Costa Rica that will give you “hand-on” experience. You can help with homework, mentoring, exhibiting a spiritual influence, being a friend and playing with them.


In most public and private schools’ grammar English is taught, however, Conversational English is not. You will help the kids on a regular basis by giving them a change to practice their English.

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